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Authenticity of Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008


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Hi there,


I’m about to get a pre-owned LP standard 2008 model. I’m told that it’s a 2008 version made in 2009. I need help in identifying if the guitar is genuine.


Here is a link posted by the seller



Pictures of the input jack and back of headstock that I’ve requested from the guy

post-74143-036081000 1443237720_thumb.jpg

post-74143-039216600 1443237561_thumb.jpeg


Please help me verify the authenticity of the guitar!




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By the serial number, it was made at the Gibson plant in Nashville, TN on April 27th, 2009.

Production Number: 31.


I'm not that sharp on factory features, so I had to do some research to determine that those Grover locking tuners are indeed the standard items for that model, and not after-market.

They are legit, as is the Neutrik jack socket, which kind of threw me when I first looked at that photo.


The guitar looks authentic.

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