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Just a Suggestion!!!!!!!!!


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If you like playing gigs at bars, coffeehouses, festivals, etc., don't forget your local and county library. They pay $40-$50 (around here) and the exposure they provide can lead to other opportunities. I got a 3-gig stint at The Kansas City Zoo a couple years ago because the zoo director saw me at a Kansas City, Missouri Library folk program I was doing. The Zoo paid very well. I'm in no way a professional (performer or guitar player), but I'm not afraid to get-up in front of a bunch of people and at times make a fool of myself. I have a blast playing "live music." Don't dismiss the libraries. They're quiet, no smoke, and an audience that is there to see and hear "you," .......A library where I haven't even played yet did a feature on me just this last week. They found me on a YouTube link that was on another folksinger's page. Your local libraries may be doing similar things regarding local musicians. Anyway, that's something I've found out through trial-and-error over the years....Get your music out there. [thumbup]http://www.jocolibrary.org/we-recommend/listen-local/featured-artist-larry-garrett

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Been playing in libraries for years with different groups. This Friday the jug band I'm in is playing at the local library. One hour and a quarter. $500


Attentive audience. Problem is, everybody wants to do it, so you need to have a hook around here. I ran a couple of open mics for this library so they smiled on me. Here on LI there are lots of libraries but also lots and lots of people who want to perform there. $500 is a lot. We usually get $300-$400. Unless it's charity we won't play for less.



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