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David Gossett

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Hi all I looking to find a electric like I heard the other day. I know this is a hard question. I was listening to old gospel band play like old folk/gospel music. And someone had a electric playing in the songs I was wondering if anyone new what sound of electric would be best for that type of music. Sorry I know this is a really hard if not impossible. I just can't hear that sound playing in the music in the store. Thanks. David

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Not that old I would say maybe 60 or maybe very early 70. Thanks for the help. David


Well, when you mention 'old folk/gospel music' about the last instrument I would think of would be an Ibanez SG. Or any other SG really. But you say this group is from the 60's or 70's? It would do you good to look up said band and or song if you really want to know what they are playing.

Still, when it comes to electrics, you can get most any sound from most any guitar with the right configuration of pedals, amps and playing style.

Good luck.

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David, "Let 'Google' be your friend." Look up the song, and/or the artist (recording date...if you know it, or can find it),

and often it will list the players involved. You can then look up the guitarist, and (sometimes) find out what he/she used,

on that recording. Often, I've found that you can look up a guitar player, via the image search, and get a visual clue to the

instruments he/she uses, that way...if nothing else.


Beyond that, I'd vote for a Casino, or "Dot," (or equivalent) through a low wattage tube amp, with a 12" speaker (Fender Blues Jr. (or equivalent).

Still, if you love SG's, they can work just fine, for ANY type music. It's all a matter of touch, setting the right tones (amp, and guitar), and

a real feel for the music. More that, than any particular amp or guitar, really.


Good Luck!



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You've already got your rig now David.


There are many combinations of tone beginning with your own technique, or touch.


Then the SG. First get to know the pickups. Spend time getting to know just one pickup. Use the amp EQ settings and drive options to explore what that pickup can give you.


Dont be in a hurry to move on the another pickup. Be methodical and you will understand your tone options better than anyone can advise here.


Check back here with your findings too! [thumbup]

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