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J45TV and a little fingerpicking.


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Here's a quick review and some fingerpicking on my J45TV. I've been playing this True Vintage quite-a-bit these last few day. Lots and lots of volume. I guess mahogany is kind of considered a more quiet or subtle-sounding wood (and as with most J45s, this guitar can be warm and somber), but the J45TV can roar if that's your style. I find the neck fits me "to a T." Extremely sweet instrument. Haven't changed the strings yet and I wonder what it has on it now. They feel a bit sharp on my fingers as if they're a cheaper brand. Anyway, when I put the LR Baggs Lyric in it later this week (after jury duty) I'll change the strings.

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hallgrouper, these aren't the original strings. I should have asked the guy who sold it to me, but I was just too anxious to leave before he changed his mind...lol...Anyway, "the right strings" will make it fit like a glove.


Dan, yeah I like the Lyric. I installed one on my koa AJ and am really pleased with it. They're a real easy install once you get past the stress of drilling a hole in the guitar....lol....

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