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2014 Faded Cherry SG Spl. Bass


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Are you saying that Fretless has left the building?




You know though, I don't miss it. I do like playing Fretless Jazzes, but I did ok on selling it. And the SG's play so nice and smooth, even with the speed bumps on the fretboard. The Rosewood on it is nice too. [thumbup]



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Nice - congratulations - I love my 2010 faded SG bass.


Thanks. It's a good alternative to the Heritage Cherry. I had a 2011 Faded SG bass in the pic. That one was sold to a friend.



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Nice Bass.


I was in GC on Friday and they reduced the price of a Gibson T-bird bass by $1200. Somebody was gonna get a great deal. Think of all the Crue you could rock with that.


Thank you, it plays nice. That's one heck of price break on the T-bird.

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