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New Polytune Clip and Flashback Delay

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Good Morning Just thought I'd update you on a couple of new purchases I've made over the last weeks that have really added to My J45 . The first was a TC Polytune Clip Tuner tried this on my J45 after my Snark finally gave up after three years use . The Polytune is fantastic and the 45s tuning hasn't sounded so sweetened since I bought it . The read out is so bright and clear makes tuning a doddle . My only small gripe is I don't like the metal clip , just don't like metal anywhere near the headstock , still plenty of rubber protection around the metal clip . . I tend to use the chromatic setting as I find it easier and it's what I'm used to with the Snark

The second purchase was going to be the TC Bodyrez but I changed my mind after my delay unit started playing up . I purchased the TC Flashback Delay unit , all I can say is that this is the first delay I've used that really suits the acoustic guitar 100% . The tape delay and Toneprint setting is fantastic for just filling out and giving a little ambiance to solo fingerpicking and lead lines , you do have to careful with the mix control it's very sensitive , another good feature is the dividing switch that gives you dotted eight notes . You can also set the tempo by holding down the footswitch whist fingerpicking and the unit does the rest . Looking forward to using it in church on Sunday during worship Finally what a brilliant Forum really enjoy the reading

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