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Thank you Epiphone


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I bought the last... I mean LAST Epiphone ES339 Ultra I could find new, none on Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, etc...

Found it on EBay at a music store.

I was blown away.

I have no problem with Japanese made guitars as I am a Devote ESP fan.

But for some reason I avoided Epiphone and only wanted a Gibson, I just couldn't imagine myself playing live with a 2500 guitar.

Then I bought the ES339 Ultra for the features and design. I fell in love with it!!!!

Since then I have recently purchased a Epiphone Silverburst Les Paul Custom Pro.

OMG I can't put it down!!!! I actually find myself staring at it when it's hung up on the wall.

The Silverburst LP has been my dream guitar for years, but 5000 is ridiculous for a Gibson.

Thank you GIBSON for making a quality product for us playing musicians who don't belong to the 1%!!!!

There will be more purchases in the future!!!!

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I wouldn't thank Gibson, instead thank Epiphone for continuing to make GREAT affordable guitars. Gibson only licenses Epiphone to make and sell the guitars that are like their Gibson counterparts. I own numerous Epiphone's because they are firstly great guitars, secondly because of the massive savings in price. If i won the lottery i suppose i would buy sme Gibson guitars too but that would not keep me from buying and playing Epiphone guitars. Good is good, period. Welcome to the Epiphone family.

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Ditto to the original post above: There is absolutely not way I could ever have afforded a made in USA (MUSA) archtop with a floating picup, like a Lee Ritenour, or Johnny Smith. But now, thanks to Epiphone, I'm the proud owner of an Emperor Regent which I can't stop playing or looking at. Anytime you get a guitar that makes you want to play more, it's a beutiful thing. For sure, it's intimidating enought to test drive a 5 figure priced axe at GC, let alone buy one or let a friend play it, the risk factor takes alot of fun out of the game. But with the low investment associated with these Epi's, there are no bigger issues than finding enought time to play them!


Thanks Epiphone for sure!



Have often wondered how it is that in the pre-was years Gibson and Epi were able to produce budget-re-branded instruments that were of good quality, yet affordable (Kalamazoo, Recording King, Sorrento).

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I have three guitars, an Am Std Strat, Mexican Std Strat and a Chinese Epi Dot. I've had a professional setup done on all three and the completely stock Dot is my daily player at home and my most frequently used at gigs. Although I've never used the term, the DOT does indeed play like "butter". Many of my musical friends have tried the Dot and they all are very complimentary of it. Regardless of the name on the headstock it's a fine playing and sounding guitar that outplays many higher-end guitars I've owned over the years. [thumbup]

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congrads on finding a 339 ULTRA ,I love mine . when I use their "stereo" mode I run the Nanomag to a Acoustic AG60 and the humbuckers to a Albion TCT35c and get a huge varity of sounds..

Yeah I actually run a line 6 HD 500x... To complemented I have the line 6 l3t 1400 W speaker system...

So I run the electric side of my ES 339 through the HD, and I run the acoustic side directly into the acoustic inputs on the speaker system it sounds incredible

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