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Gibson Les Paul Studio 1983 ( Tim Shaw ?)

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Hi !


i need your help,guys!


i got this gibson offered to trade my ESP-LTD Grynch


Owner says it's a


Gibson Les Paul STudio Tim Shaw 1983


i know nothing about studios.here are a few pics.unfortunatelly low res for now.


i also asked him to give me the serial number,will include later

What is it worth?


Thanks in advance!






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What you have is a 1984 (or very late 1983) Gibson Les Paul Studio Custom.

The lighting is a bit off in those photos, but that looks like the standard Alpine White which has faded to a custard off-white over the years.


The 'Tim Shaw' bit is a reference to the humbucker pickups crafted by Mr Shaw, which were offered in the Heritage Series and the Customs from 1980 thru 1984.


It is worth:


Mint condition: $950

Excellent + condition: $750

Excellent condition: $625

Very good +: $475

Very good: $375

Good: $300


That guitar is beautiful.

I would be proud to own it.

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The fretboard was rosewood.




I'm confused.

Are you saying that you own an ESP LTD guitar, and some other fellow offered to trade this Les Paul for your guitar, and it is not worth it?


Can you clarify, just so I can understand the transaction?


Thanks in advance.


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Seller says it has ebony board.


I was just going by The Blue Book, and whatever I could find on on the internet that model of Les Paul from 1983 o 1984.

Everything I read says it is a rosewood fingerboard, not ebony.




i have a James Hetfield limited edition LTD with signed COA.

guitar itself not worth it but it's a Het signature.



Ah, now I am tracking.


James Hetfield is a legendary guitar player, vocalist, and band-leader.

That guitar is indeed priceless.


I do admire how James and Kirk Hammett have stuck with ESP guitars over all these years.

They have quite a relationship with that guitar maker, and it goes back a very long way.


I also admire how Dave Grohl consistently plays his signature Gibson ES335 at every gig.

He didn't just put his name on that Pelham Blue guitar, he has made it his workhorse guitar, and he is always on stage with it.


Paul Stanley, on the other hand, seems to switch guitar makers for his signature guitar every other season.

I have lost track of how many Paul Stanley signature guitars there are out there, from Washburn to Silvertone to Ibanez....


When KISS was first a big hit (circa the Alive Album) I liked how you read in the album liner notes for each LP, "KISS uses exclusively Gibson guitars and Pearl drums", or words to that effect.

It made me want my first Les Paul, which I bought in 1975.

(Well, that and the fact that I saw Jeff Lynne of ELO with a Les Paul gold-top, and I just had to have one.)


Okay, I am rambling.

I'm going to shut up now.


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