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Les Paul - 4 wires from the toggle need id for two of them


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Good Afternoon,


I have a Les Paul Classic and I am in the process of upgrading the electronics within it.


The problem is I neglected to note where certain wires were disconnected from.


I am referring to the wires from the 3 way toggle switch. From the fast research from the net I see that the:


Black goes to ground

Red goes to the output


I do not know where the White or the Green wires connect to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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Generally speaking, there will be one (+)wire each from each pickup, to the switch, and from the switch a (+) and (-) to the output jack.


As stated above, the wires from the pickups are not directly from the pickups, but from the volume pot associated with each of the 2 pups.


With the 4 wire harness Gibson uses, the ground wire (-) mentioned above (which is the green you are referring to), that wire is usually connected to a ground, and the ground connected to the (-) of the jack.


If there is a 5th wire, or a bare wire, or a shield that is connected, it is sometimes connected at both ends along with the ground(green), and sometimes connected to just the ground in the control cavity.


EDIT: substitute "green" above for "black". Can't remember which is correct, or the Gibson way, but whatever you are connecting to the ground, that's the ground- green or black.

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Thank you very much for your reply Farnsbarns and Stein.


I would like to refine my question now. Since I have not "manipulated" my toggle switch,... what I would like to know is, using Gibson's color scheme,


Does the white wire connect to the bridge volume or neck volume?


Thank you very much again.



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