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What's this world coming to?

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Our local university was just one of several to receive a bomb threat Thursday. Must be mid-terms. All, it appears, were hoaxes. Someone trying to delay the inevitable mid-term exam, or whatever.


I guess this is a brave new world we just have to learn to deal with. Our local Univ. Police handled it with aplomb. I'm sure threats like this come in on a daily basis, so, for some reason, they determined this to be credible. By my count 17 different jurisdictions from State Police to County and the local jean-d-arms helped in 'sweeping' buildings, and crowd control.


Some kids picked up that night by parents and taken home. Night classes canceled, approx 20,000 students rousted out of their dorms to stand in the rain until the basketball arena was cleared, then opened to them to get in out of the weather. (about a 45 minute wait). Last of the dorms given the all clear by 11pm. Campus probably didn't settle down 'til mid-night. Classes resumed next day, but some departments allowed excused absences for the day, i.e. make-up exams or late home work were to be offered where necessary.

Most likely, the threat came in on social media, so tracking down the perp should be easier than back in the day of anonymous pay phones.


Is it just an increase in incidence or just increased traditional and social media coverage?

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