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What do the following songs have in common? They are each based on one chord. It's only a partial list, as I'm sure there are many others. In spite of the simplicity of the one-chord structure, some of these songs get you outta your seat when you hear 'em. Try to sit still and listen to Delbert McClinton do "Shaky Ground". Who says it hasta be all complicated and fulla musical whoopty-doos? Sometimes less is more. Got any favorite one-chord tunes?


Bad to the Bone

We Will Rock You

Catch a Falling Star

Run through the Jungle

Electric Avenue

On the Road Again (Canned Heat, not Willie and friends)

Standing on Shaky Ground

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Don't forget "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum or most of "Ain't no Fun (Waitin' 'Round to be a Millionnaire)" by AC/DC, two more great classics that were essentially one-chorders with simple turnarounds.


I'm a fan of simplicity and hooks over the useless stuff that changes every 30 seconds to an entirely new progression, or songs that have forced-in sounding breaks (like they were sitting around in the studio and one of them says "hey, we should put something different here"...and thus effing up an otherwise tolerable song).



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