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Help please to characterize a Les Paul Classic goldtop


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Hello, while Belgian I do live in a small village in Italy and I am a little bit "alone" regarding music and gears infos.

I would appreciate if you may give me information and dating of a guitar that I am interesting to purchase. It is A Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop with a number 1960 written in italic on the cream pickguard.

The inked stamp written on the back of the neck is in dark blue or black and : 5 space 0342 (5 0342)

On the brown and pink original case it's written made inGibson made in USA case made in Canada.


I really would greatly appreciate if you may provide me some help since I am totally newbie in electric guitars which is not the case for the acoustic and archtop guitars I do own.

Thanks a lot, best regards from Italy


post-74397-062691200 1444656647_thumb.jpg

post-74397-006034000 1444656707_thumb.jpg

post-74397-018737800 1444656723_thumb.jpg

post-74397-012435400 1444656741_thumb.jpg

post-74397-095683500 1444656758_thumb.jpg

post-74397-097925100 1444656787_thumb.jpg

post-74397-068055100 1444656801_thumb.jpg

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Thanks a lot for this fast prompt reply....Don't want to bother you but something intrigues me: I do have 2 questions: how could you estimate the year with the number ??? and what is the range of approximation of the value ??? It is more han mint whithout any scratch, just a a newborn...

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There is a database, called the Gibson Guitar Dater (http://www.guitardaterproject.org/).


For the serial number of the guitar above, it will return either 1995 or 2005. However, - on Classics -, the 5 digit serial indicates a pre-2000 built. A 2005 would have a 6-digit serial.


As for the value, - I think - eBay selling prices in Your region is the most accurate indicator of the value.


Cheers... Bence

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