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help with j160e


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hi, i am new to this site and was wondering if someone could help me

i am looking for a j160e with beatle specs, i found this one which the owner says is a 2010 model

ive found a few new ones recently but all with different labels inside and on the back of the neck and different cases.

Basically if someone could tell me about this specific model (ive included photos), and if its a good one to go for, im confused

as to what specs this one has so any help would be appreciated, thankyou.

post-74443-032190200 1444824034_thumb.jpg

post-74443-037887500 1444824051_thumb.jpg

post-74443-030753100 1444824062_thumb.jpg

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This may be a re-issue like I have that Fuller Guitar in Texas contracted. What you want, if you want it to be close to the ones John Lennon & George Harrison played in the day, is:


Ladder bracing for soundboard

Laminated top (also called ply-wood)

Adjustable height saddle (I see it has that).


You can also contact Fuller Guitar and see if they still have those made if you want a new one. Approx. $2,600.00 new delivered.


Don't know what price the one you're looking at is from your post so I can't give any advice on it. I personally love mine. Others will say they don't sound good if you play them (without plugging into an amp). My response is always, "how often do you like the way your Les Paul or ES-335 sounds unplugged?" The dang J-160E is an electric guitar period!! If you don't want to play it that way get a J-45. [biggrin]


Hope this helps. With the right strings and thru a Vox tube amp (AC15 or AC30) they sound really great to me!



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thanks aster for the reply, i play in a beatles band so i really want the ladder braced one etc..and adjustable bridge..

do you think this is genuine ?, he wants 1500£ but is open to offers,,

i saw the posts about the fullers ones (ive bought gretsches from there in the past),

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Gibson makes 2 models:


1. For more of the acoustic player. It's got a solid top and sounds similar to a say a J45.

2. The ladder braced 60s reissue which is more meant to be a replica of the beatles guitar. Some have the adjustable bridge and others don't.


That said, the guitar there is clearly #2. I used to own one myself a little over 10 years ago. It was lam/ladder braced, adj bridge, and was meant to be played with nickel string into an amp.

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Just rambling a bit but if you are playing plugged in I would think the build of the guitar does not really make that much difference. The sound is more a matter of the strings vibrating over a magnetic pickup than the top vibrating.



Yeah and don't forget. Traditional bronze wrapped acoustic strings won't produce as loud a tone plugged in compared to the B and E strings. The was originally intended as a hybrid electric/acoustic with nickel strings to be plugged into a guitar amp. The top was laminate just like arch-top guitars to protect against feedback. They did not want the top to resonate into an endless feedback loop every a note would ring out.

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