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Epiphone by Gibson w/Steinberger Trem

Randy Fricke

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I have what I believe to be a mid-80's Epiphone by Gibson electric guitar with a Steinberger floating tremolo tailpiece. It's a neck-thru design, metallic black finish with ivory binding, ebony fretboard and shark inlays. A beautiful guitar it plays slicker than a snotty doorknob but the Steinberger tailpiece is totally worn out.


There is a rather large yellow spring which butts up against a reverse threaded adjustment tram and a nubbin (plate) the is machine molded to the front of the base. The adjustor lever is accesible from the outside at the very back end of the apparatus. There are 6 individually adjustable bridge saddles which originally were set in place by a small hex screw.


The Serial # on the guitar is 880511318.


As I said, the tailpiece assembly is completely worn out and I wish to procure a completely new tailpiece for this instrument. If anyone knows where may I do so and what the cost involved would be please contact me directly at randyfricke@yahoo.com. Thanks. P.S. Can anyone tutor me on how to post a picture of this beastie?

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To post pics, you have to create an account on photobucket.com or similar website. Once you do that you upload your pictures to it. Then you come back in here and click on the "image" icon above. When the IMG brackets appear then you copy and paste the "direct link" for the pic from photobucket.com


What model guitar is this? a Firebird perhaps. By the description sounds like a Epiphone Firebird 500. Does it have EMG pickups in either dual humbucker or humbucker on the bridge and single on the neck?

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