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Gibson SG Angus Young Signature 2006


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Hi fellow Gibsoners!


I've come across a guitar that has interested me for years, and i finally found one for a good price (so it seems).

The thing is that i don't have enough experience to actually tell if the quality of the guitar is right. Can you tell without the serial number?

I'm putting up some photos in hope to get some feedback. My main questions are;


- Is it the real deal?

- I've been searching around, and i can't seem to find any 2006 model who looks alike (for example the selector swith is black on this one), which has me wondering if it is in fact real or fake.


The price for it is about 1500 USD.

post-74517-039771300 1445251904_thumb.jpg

post-74517-042134400 1445251914_thumb.jpg

post-74517-000447000 1445251924_thumb.jpg

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Looks fake to me I don't like the chrome dome top pickup ring screws not right should be black, even the screws for the little plastic spacer between the neck and pickup are wrong, also the single screw on the pickup guard between the the 2 pickups is wrong should be 2 screws, just speaks fake, as you said black selector ring should beige, the controls are wrong style should be witch hats. I don't think that style AY was until 2011 and it came with an Ebony fret board, then in 2012 they switched to rose wood.

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I'd say "Fake," as well. "Gibson" Logo is a bit too wide, the "crown" in the headstock is oddly compressed in shaped,

the top of the headstock's "dip" seems "off," and there's a tell tale sign, in the pickup rings (chrome screws

in the corners of each ring)...that screams "Asian Made!" So, considering all that, and what's been pointed out

by other's here...I'd PASS on it, if it were me. Especially, for that price!


REAL "Angus Young" signature SG:





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If i remember correctly.

Gibson launched in 2009 A Custom shop Sg, aged cherry limited edition(250)

Gibson USA came with the ebony one the same year,and was made to 2011 or 2012

Gibson USA Sg in Aged cherry came in 2013 and was discontinued the year after i think

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