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WTS New Pioneer DDJ RX DJ controller $600

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We stand behind everything we sell. Genuine Products Sealed In Box.


With 1Year Warranty Free Fast shipping worldwide.Buy with confidence


Free Standard shipping 3 to 4days


Express delivery time 30hrs cost $200 fastest shipping


Contact us via



Pioneer DDJ RZ DJ controller $1,400

Pioneer DDJ RX DJ controller $600

Pioneer DDJ SZ DJ controller $1,300

Pioneer DDJ SX2 DJ controller $450

Pioneer DDJ SR DJ controller $400

Pioneer XDJ R1 DJ system $400


2x Pioneer DDJ RX $1000

3x Pioneer DDJ RX $1,500 with 2 free cases

2x Pioneer XDJ-700 Compact Player $950

4x Pioneer XDJ-700 Compact Player $1,520


Single Unit Apple iPhone 6s

16GB =$449|64GB =$500|128GB=$549


Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Models

2units = $840 |3units = $1,200

5units = $1,750|10units = $3000


Apple iPhone 6s 64GB Models

2units = $940 |3units=1,320

5units = $2000 |10units=$3,500


Apple iPhone 6s 128GB Models

2units = $1,038 |3units=$1,347

5units=$2,250 |10units=$3,900


Pioneer XDJ-700 Compact Player $550

Pioneer CDJ 2000nxs Multi Player $1000

Pioneer CDJ 900nxs Multi Player $799

Pioneer XDJ 1000 Multi Player $590

Pioneer XDJ RX Rekordbox DJ System $799


Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer $1,300

Pioneer DJM 2000nxs DJ Mixer $1,400

Pioneer DJM 900nxs DJ Mixer $1,100

Pioneer DJM 900SRT DJ Mixer $1,500

Pioneer DJM 750 K DJ Mixer $500


Pioneer XDJ AERO wireless dj system $380

Pioneer 1x PLX 1000 turntable $500

Pioneer 2x PLX 1000 turntable $800

Pioneer RMX 1000 Remix Station $350


We ship internationally via FedEx and its free shipping to various countries

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