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Fender price hike? what is this about?


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So I got an e-mail today from Sweetwater saying that Fender products are going up in price by up to 20% effective February 1st. Then I go to the website of this local store and similar story but they say 30% "average"?


Truth or sales gimmick? in this economy? sales must be that good...or bad




I hope Gibson does not follow suit (sp?)

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Im not surprised. Im telling you guys Bob Dylans words from years ago are coming true yet again.

The times they are a changin. Within the next five years youll see a huge change in companies like Gibson & Fender.

We are all lucky we have what we have right now. There are cracks in the foundation...its only a matter of time.


Id go into detail but I feel a migraine coming on so ill wait till tomorrow.

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I agree, raising prices in this economic climate, for what is really a luxury item for many people, has got to be very short-sighted and fiscally mad.


Gibson are not recession proof. I hope they dont do what corporations here in Australia tend to do - which is to think and act VERY short-term - and when things do go backwards, they blame everybody else - they blame the unions, blame the government and some even blame the customer and punish them.


Lets hope Gibson doesnt go down this track.

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I posted before about R9's here in Canada. Since September they have increased by $1000! Fenders by not so

much but they have gone up. I know the Canadian dollar was strong for a while and now its tanked, but its still

no excuse for $1k increase.


PRS is moving to a bigger workshop because I think they are starting to realize that they have to increase their output in order to keep their heads above water. Watch the quality take a bit of a dive...its coming.


Im betting Gibson or Fender perhaps both will be sold within the next few years.

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