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How to disassemble DB bass bridge?


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Hi everyone,


I've been using my Steinberger XL2A DB (looks like the one here : http://www.steinbergerworld.com/photos/q4blue1.jpg)

since I'd purchased from musicyo.com years ago.

The bridge seems like as same as Steinberger Spirit bass XT2DB's.


One day, the detuning lever on the bridge got broken during jam with friends, and it seemed as if it's old without shock or pressure.




And gladly one 3D cad mechanics designer is helping me for making a customiEd lever on his own. Yet, I need to disassemble the old one from the bridge first.

I'd be pleased if I could hear could possibly provide answers for questions below:

1. How to disassemble the detune lever from the bridge?

2. Is it possible to change my current db bridge with normal bridge (without detuning feature?)


My headless is waiting for help...

Thank you for your reading.

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