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Pictures of my L-5 Custom Crimson


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Double, thank's to delete this post, I can't find how to do ..

many thanks,



Hey 335, 175 and L-5 owner (BTW nice axes)


I'm a newbie on this forum but have been active (and posted photos) on many other forums for years. There are probably simpler ways but I started posting photos in the following manner years ago and can't think of a reason to change the process:


Start a free "Photobucket.com" account then upload your photos to the "library" of your photobucket account. (I like to first move my photos to the "Desktop" on the home screen of my laptop; makes it simple to locate for the upload. Once your photos have been uploaded, you can delete them from the "Desktop".)


After uploading, clicking on the uploaded photo in your library will display both the photo and a dialog box to the right of the photo labeled "Share This Photo". Click on the bottom option labeled "IMG" and the URL of your photo will be saved. Now return to the forum and paste the saved URL where you'd like the photo to appear in your post :) Done !


It sounds complicated but really it's not, give it a try. I'm sure everyone would love to see your L-5 (as a long time L-5 fan and owner, I'd sure like to see your guitar !

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