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I just recently picked up the black cherry. I had no idea that this was such a sweet playing guitar. WOW!!

Good that you're enjoying your LPTP, kwalker201. My two Epiphones, a Dot and ES339, after a pro setup, were/are both very good players despite not being near the Tribute Plus level of guitars. Unfortunately the ES339 had a fatal trussrod defect, but in genuine honesty, before it internally broke, it played circles around some very much more expensive Gibsons I've owned.

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They are really great guitars...this is one of the reasons they've gone up in price, too.


Next time Epiphone makes a great guitar, let's all agree to keep it on the "down low" so the price stays lower. B)

[biggrin][thumbup] Perhaps we should buy them secretly so they don't become aware of sales figures [lol]

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I'm not a Les Paul guy... but there are a couple of Les Paul models that appeal to me

and this Epi Tribute plus is emphatically one of them. This one's got everything, and

should sound as good as Gibson Les Paul guitars costing six or seven times as much.


Congratulations! Excellent choice! When Epiphone designed this model, to me it seems

like they'd been reading all our posts for years, taking notes on how we modded their



So they looked over their notes, and issued a Les Paul guitar that has most of the mods

players are likely to install... Gibson Pickups, high quality wiring, Grover tuners, good case...

Not much for us to do to this one except play it.


So play it! play it a lot. Then come back to this thread and give us all your impressions

and experience, tell us about your signal chain and your musical style. AND how this

new Lester fits into it all.

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She's a fantastic guitar, and every note says she's a Les Paul. The linked presentation starts saying "The Les Paul Tribute Plus is far and away the best Les Paul for the money you can find anywhere in the world," and I found this to be true:



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It is great 2 hear on this topic thread that the 1960's Epi L/P Trib + R getting fine reviews by those that own them. I have done a bit of research via paper & video on this model & that coupled with the forum reports on here by members it looks 2 me 2 be a sweet plank o'wood . I have been scouring ebay & gumtree online sites here in Oz the past 3wks looking 4 this particular guitar & have made a coupla $ bids on x 3 near spankers with hardcases that are up 4 negotiated offers. I am hoping 1 of em will part with theirs & accept my offer. Here's hopin 2 join the Epifun club again !

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