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Take it with me- Tom Waits cover - J-45


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Real fine listening, FB...


Ain't it getting time for another original from you, sir? You inhabit other people's songs with your own lovely touch, but why wear other people's clothes when you can make your own? Why rent when you can own?


That gauntlet being laid, don't mind me much. But do keep 'em coming. [thumbup]




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BBG , Sal, EA and Anne. Thanks indeed for those nice words!


Anne I have been trying to write something decent for weeks now. Not much has come together.But I do appreciate a gauntlet being thrown!...will try harder.

I was interested in your post where you used your lyrics to S & G's melody as a kind of circuit breaker.

I thought of looking up chords of songs artists I like, but only actual songs of theirs I don't know.Especially people who may have interesting chord progressions.

So then I have a chord structure to much around with - and generate my own melody.ie I won't listen to the unknown original. Kind of a melody making circuit breaker.


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