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Think Im gonna need more room anyway...


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I just finished selling stuff, kept the most basic studio setup... and found a place (bigger) for my studio/bussiness office... so I guess I'll start over again when I get the chance to take all the stuff I still have over there.


Just wanted to let some of the guys know.


I must have sold tons of pedals, most of them were used just a couple of times and then rested in their boxes.


I kept some (3 od/distortions, a delay, a pedal that has 6 different modulations in it, a basic wah and a synth...) So now I place them all (but the guv'nor which is at home right now) in the pedalboard and find there is not enough room.


I might build me another pedalboard next week... any ideas on what I should be thinking of putting there? (power section, color, size, 1 2 or 3 rows of pedals? square or not? and anything you guys might want to see in a pedalboard...).


Heres a pic of how it looks right now (sorrym took the pic with my cellphone so its not perfect... and the pocket pod is there just to fill the place for the guv'nor, no room for any extra pedal that I might buy)



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Hi Rich... just what I was thinking about... a treble booster! (a must have when your main amp is an AC30 CC according to many guys at the vintage amp forum).


The other pedal I might ad is a volume control (maybe morley) and then maybe a loop station (I just sold one, the single pedal version... I want the twin pedal version now but it takes too much damn space...)

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I'm behind the times. I just lay mine on the floor. I have Wha-Wha' date='Distortion, Chours And the amp foot switch. I don't reconize Those other peddels you have.[/quote']


Hey man... in case you want to know, from left to right (in the back):


VOX footswitch (which lets me turn on and off the amps reverb and trem, reverb is on most of the time); BOSS DD-20 Digital Delay; BOSS TU-2 Tuner (which I might replace with the line6 pocket pod as it has a good tuner option); Line6 Pocket Pod, atually kind of a preamp/fx/tuner with lots of memory banks.


From left to right (up front):


Electro Harmonix Micro Synth (you can use it to ad a sub octave, an octave, a square lead/square wave sound, and to act as a slow gate, low/high pass dynamic filter and some other stuff when combining 2 or more options); a Marshall "The Regenerator" pedal, which has moder and vintage chorus, phaser, flanger, step phaser, and vibrato); VOX the Bulldog distortion (2 channel tube dist, goes from mild od to high gain dist); Boss Metal Zone (marshall-boogie mod), and a VOX wah.


I know, I know #-o ... the thing is, I really like fx pedals, even those that get used just once :-&

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Cool board. I was wondering what you used the AB box for. I dig the Electro Harmonix' date=' what a super cool sounding pedal. [/quote']


I have had it for a month now and so far I like it very much... takes time to get acustomed to it tho... but you can get some really interesting sounds out of it.

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That's a very strange pedalboard. I would have never gathered those pedals together. It's kinda classic as there is a wah followed by od/distortions and then modulation and delay' date=' but those specific pedals look funny together.


Don't ask me why.[/quote']


I know... and I use them almost exclusively with the VOX AC30 (with both humbuckers and single coils)... can you imagine a more disfuctional family?


But they sound great!

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