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Heavey gauge


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Think ill go with daddario 12-52 thanks


Usually lights 12-53 (gibson masterbuilt for instance) but some differ slightly like Martin SP (12-54 for lights).

I find the Martin SP 12-54 to be very nice as far as i'm concerned.


I don't understand what you mean by thicker tone but if you mean nice tone with more projection you will find 80/20 probably better and project more than phosphor bronze, but they will be noisy if you slide much on the neck (it tends to get better after 1 or 2 weeks). Coated strings will produce softer tone, dull bass and less projection. Increasing the bass from 52 to 54 will give probably better tone as well but the kind of strings probably has more impact.


Using heavier gauge will change your neck bending slightly, so if you have very low action you might get better tone (since it will increase the action, more tension in the strings) but the action may not suit you afterward or be more difficult to play especially if you bend the strings.

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Hi would using heavier gauge strings on my ej160e give a thicker tone unplugged acousticly .im using 11-50 nickel wound with 3rd W .i was thinking of jumping to 12-56 .but not sure wich brand to go for .i have used 12s before but not 12-56 .



Change the strings to 80/20 12-53 or 12-54 (gibson masterbuilt 80/20 lights, or Martin SP 80/20 lights) will probably have a lot of impact already.

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