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Help! What's the difference? - LP Faded D/C Versus LP Special D/C

Mr. Robot

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Hi folks - I am looking for some help here. I am a bit confused as I look to my next acquisition - I am looking at a new Gibson LP Special or Junior with P90's - but a double cutaway.


Gibson had until recently, the LP Faded Double Cutaway (comes with only a gig bag) on its website, available in 3 colors (cherry, Black and TV Yellow). This has suddenly disappeared in recent weeks, leaving only the 1960 LP Special Double Cutaway, available in TV yellow only.


I am confused about the differences between the two guitars - the only thing I can see is that the LP Faded has a nice Tunamatic Bridge piece, while the 1960 reissue does not. The latter also seems to be a custom shop issue, while the Faded doesnt say.


Other than that, they seem very similar.


I am interested in the differences between them and whether or not the Faded is still available.


I have pasted photos of both from the gibson site. The LP Faded photo is from the old site, which you can still access by searching, but you wont find it via navigating the Gibson site.


Many Thanks friends.


Les Paul Faded Double Cutaway


Les Paul Special 1960 Double Cutaway


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Based on what I saw on these 2 sites, there isn't anything I see different unless I missed somthing?

other than a '59 neck vs. a '60's neck and pots. I know little about the Dc's Good luck tho








Edit- oh yeah, the bridge too

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