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Non Gibson makes?


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Probably my main non Gibson 'squeeze' is a small collection of Gordon Smiths.... [thumbup]


Taking in LP Junior style, SG and Tele...


Otherwise a tasty Duesenberg CC, like Joe Walsh's


Gretsch Corvette, cheap Synchromatic and Duo Jet....


Rickenbacker 330....very nice and George Harrison-esque


Low end Takamine 12str, Guild 6str


Ovation 12str






PS....and a Pignose...which I tweak from time to time....oink...oink.... [thumbup]

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I was a Gibson fan until I found Parker. I've got two DFs now.


I still love my Gibsons but hardly ever play them anymore.


The Parker DFs:

  • Weigh only 5 pounds but sustain like an 8 lb LP
  • Are so contoured, balanced and comfortable it's like wearing the guitar instead of holding it
  • Ebony fretboard and hardened stainless steel frets make bending a breeze
  • Almost straight string path (except for a slight break at the nut), Graph Tech nut and saddle, and Sperzel tuners make for incredible tuning stability without a locking nut/bridge
  • Piezo under the bridge that can be blended with the mag pickups gives me wide range of unique tones
  • Seymour-Duncan pickups give great tone out of the mags
  • Long 25.5" scale makes playing high more comfortable
  • 14" radius is my favorite
  • Whammy can be locked, down only or floating and the guitar still stays in tune, often from gig to gig
  • Master volume right next to my picking hand makes for easy adjustment during the song, no matter what combination of pickups I'm using
  • Excellent customer service, including replacing a guitar that was 2 years out of warranty because the wood cracked

I liked my first DF so much, I had them build a second one with different pickups.


If Gibson made a guitar like this, I would have bought it from them.


Insights and incites by Notes

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This my Camps guitar from Spain.


I always wanted a Classical or Flamenco guitar so I could use some of those techniques that only work with nylon strung guitars.

It was easily the loudest guitar in the shop. All the Camps were louder.


I can explain how good it sounds. It plays like a pig. Action is dreadful. I bought it anyway. That's how good it sounds.



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Guest Farnsbarns

Do epis count. Other Gibson owned brands?


I have an Epi SG, an Epi Sheraton, a Do ro Hound Dog Deluxe, all gibson owned brands.


I have an old hofner solid body, and hand/Luthier made spannish and a cheap banjo the make of which escapes me.


I see a Strat in my future.

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I have two Yamaha APX-9C electro acoustics, one I keep in London at my Mother's house, and one at home here in Namibia. They are the same model and colour, Sycamore Maple back and sides, with a Spruce top; however, one is a really good guitar, the other amazing, amazing tone!!! It shows what a difference wood can make. I have a theory, the good guitar has straight grain on the solid top, the other solid top has medullary rays.... I think they are responsible for the magic! Any views on this?


The others are electrics, five of them, only four shown here. Two are of course Gibson Les Paul's, Custom '57 Goldtop and a '59, in Extra Faded Cherry, then there is a Hamer Sunburst, with a quilt top, in Honey Burst, with Abalone inlay around the purfling, body, neck and even headstock! My first electric, only a Korean model, but a beautiful guitar to play, a thin body, thin neck profile, a very comfortable guitar, lots of upgrades have got her sounding good too! Quite bright, the uncovered Seymour Duncan '59 and Pearly Gates really sing, almost like single coils. Then there is a USA PRS Singlecut McCarty, I find the stripy ones a bit over the top, this is a beautiful charcoal colour, and the thin satin nitrocellulose finish lets the character and grain of the mahogany come through; what an amazing guitar that is, she weights a ton, the body and neck feel like they are made of petrified wood, something to do with the thermal process to crystallise the sap for better resonance.... Seymour Duncan P90's, and absolutely fantastic tone! This guitar is so wonderful, I couldn't resist buying a Korean PRS equivalent, a Soapbar SE, to find out what they are like... I found a 2003 model on eBay, I'm very impressed, great value guitars with some of the PRS design philosophy shining through, aluminium bridge, decent electric's, tuners etc... all cheaper alternatives to the USA models, but still of a standard to give decent tone. The Wide Fat neck is really nice, a 25" scale which feels a little different to the Gibson's shorter scale. The pickups are really nice, G&B, but made to Paul's specifications... I can't wait to get some boutique ones in there....


So what is the connection between these electrics? Gibson inspired of course! Les Pauls, Specials and Juniors... ;)




I would like to have a Casino type guitar with P90's, and perhaps a telecaster......

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I have 3 Gretsch Guitars ( ProJet, 5122DC, and a DuoJet Caddy Green w/ Dyna's) and 2 Ric's 325c64 Miami Jetglo & 330 Fireglo. I like to play music from the 50's - 70's mostly. No shredding type of stuff.


I'll try to post photo's when I can get a few minutes. Gotta get to work and get the boys & me out the door to installation projects.



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