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Whats going on with Gibson. First a 30% increase in price for the 2015 Les Pauls and now in the UK we are seeing Standards at under £1300, Classics under £800 and Studios at under £500. Not long ago I paid more than that for an Epiphone Prophecy.................

It seems that now is the time to buy, but what of the future?

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The future at least for 2016 is quite a price hike.

Compare the 2016 Studio to last years Classic (with no discount) is about the same price...


So, If you like the 2015s, it's truly an opportunity to get a great guitar.

Personally, I love my 2015 LPM would not trade it. I missed out getting a second one and settled for the Epiphone Custom Plus which is a good guitar but something about the LP Gibson just a better thing. I love the features on my rare LPM. I will use the G Force till it craps out then switch over to std tuners. I have not experienced any issue with the zero fret nut wearing but I cannot see that actually happening for years of use at least not for me.

Buying overseas is always a problem but one can pick up a nice LP from zZounds or AMS for often 8 to 12 no qual no music card payment plan. I bought two.

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