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ABR Bridge Assembly


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I would like to install an ABR bridge Assembly like on the 1964 Reissue J200 on my Epiphone EJ200.


Yes, I know many people remove them because they say they are "Tone Killers" but I don't think so, it is a "Different" tone, like the difference between roundwound strings and flatwound strings.


Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible (I cannot see why not) and if anyone knows where I could purchase the parts (Gold)

Does anyone have one kicking around??


Thank you for your time,



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Very hard parts to find, so you're already looking at a long time searching. Drilling holes into the top of any acoustic to place bolts in and change the sonic dynamics of your guitars soundboard never sounds like a good idea, but it's the perfect opportunity to take that contraption off the superior J200 and slap it on to the Epi. Get a nice BRosewood belly bridge and have a good luthier install to upgrade the J.


Problems solved.

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