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Seen Joe Bonamassa live again Saturday night!

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Went and seen Joe Bonamassa live again Saturday night. This time, in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium. Went with my dad and one of his friends. It was my 2nd time and their first time seeing him live. It was a phenomenal show! Just like last time. Anton Fig and Reese Wynans were with him this time and they weren't when I seen him last year in South Carolina, which was a huge treat to see. It was one great show! I got some good pictures, too.





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I saw him in January in Boston @ the Wang Center. he and the band were nothing short of phenomenal.


Reese was playing keys, but the drummer was the same guy that had been with him for a while, name escapes me.. this looks to be a different drummer.

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Saw him in Brighton UK a short while back; absolutely brilliant player.


Sad to see that Carmine Rojas no longer seems to be in the band; great bassist.



Joe tends to interchange pieces quite a lot, perhaps that's what is going on.


I agree, that guy flat out rocked the bottom end.

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