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2015 Les Paul Standard


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Well I finally got to play a 2015 Les Paul Standard last night. I can now say I know what everyone was talking about. Gibson needs to bring back the nibs. Glad my 2007 Les Paul has them. Don't know if it was the lack of nibs or the neck shrunk, because the fret ends were very noticeable while playing.


It had the Zero-Fret nut, which I'm not sure what it accomplishes, and locking tuners.


It also had push-pull knobs (2-for coil split/2-for 10db boost). I could do without these, didn't care for the coil-split. The boost might come in handy, but I have foot pedals for that.


So, overall, I'm glad I have my 2007.

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I have a 2007 LP Classic, first year of chambering, plays and sounds great…! I also have a 2007 LP Custom ( black beauty ) weighs a ton but sounds amazing with perfect low action. Haven't played a new LP but I'd like to check out the 2016s…

Yeah, I want to check out the 2016 with the access neck heel. Hope it has nibs.

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