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epi ej200sce leather strap


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Wondering if anyone could recommend me a good leather strap for the epiphone ej200sce. Will I have to get those Schaller strap locks used on electrics as well? I noticed one of my favourite epi ej200 wears his guitar low and guitar body mostly to his side. Might be a comfortable place for me as well.

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Hey Fern,

A strap, its look and fit are all highly personal choices. I have several of these here:




They're made by Planet Waves and can usually be found for between $20.00 and $25.00 and are available in black or brown. I find that they're wide enough so that they are comfortable and since they're leather the guitar tends to stay put in my shoulder, unlike nylon which can slide around.


I don't know about this guitar hero of yours, but I tend to wear mine kind of high compared to some. My rule if thumb is to set the strap at while I am seated in my favorite playing chair so that where it rides when I stand is roughly where it rides when I am seated.


I don't use strap locks, but then I don't move around like I did when I was a pup.


Enjoy your guitar.

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That strap looks nice. All hose metal bits would give me pause, though, since I usually store the strap in the case.


And strap locks on an acoustic guitar is just overkill. They are mainly meant for heavy instruments (i.e, a Les Paul or a Tele) and unless you're dancing around on stage, a strap lock is just going to be one more piece of metal that wants to ding your guitar's finish when the strap is in the case.

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