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Awesome concert!


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Great concert last night.


Opening band I had never heard of. Full Devil Jacket. Not so much my style, but very tight and VERY good with the crowd. Did a great job and were good entertainers. Lots of respect for these guys.


Mid band was Saving Able. Again, tight chops, great with the crowd, etc.


Headliner was Buckcherry........very cool to see one of my favorite bands that I haven't seen in several years. Great band, great show.


The coolest part was watching them interact with each other. So awesome to see a band rocking and obviously enjoying what they are doing. Keith and Stevie high fiving after cool double riffs or solos. Smiles on their faces all night. The "fun" they portrayed is what rock and roll is all about to me and is lacking in too many shows these days.







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