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I am looking at buying an old Epiphone that the seller says is a 1961 Epiphone FT130 made in Kalamazoo. I just have a few concerns as to whether it is made in US or not.

The Label in the sound hole is the same as the ones that were put on the MIJ Epi's only it doesn't have Made in Japan on the bottom right hand corner. The Label says the model is model 6732 and the serial 38665 I don't know what Model 6732 means but serial 38665 would make it a '61? However I read somewhere that Epiphones from that era made at the Gibson factory also had the serial stamped on the back of the headstock?..which this one doesn't. I could also only find record of the FT 130's as being made in Japan and no record of them being made in US.

Does anyone have any input on this guitar mainly to help me ascertain whether or not it was made in US or in fact MIJ

Txs for your help with this,


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