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heres a wee song from bbg


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There you go again, bbg--bothering us with another exquisite take on an ol' favorite.


Are you wasting your life earning a living, or will you get out there and make us an album or two soon?


(I'll say I knew you when... you didn't have such a big head. :rolleyes:)


That was nothing but fine, Stu--thanks...






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Nice to give smiles and lumps to people.


Anne , while i enjoy messing around , I'm not gonna pay for a house with this sh#t :)


You can ask about my tuner anytime sal



Stagelight BK , the garageband for poor folk with no ipads ..

Aside from that it's a samson usb mic recording guitar and vocals at same time.still learning the interface so , im not 100% happy with the recordings , but its more to do with the fact that im trying to get levels right using just one mic for voice and guitar so , im moving back and forth too much .... Was just sitting on a sofa with the nic on a little table , not ideal

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