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013 Strings set for SJ200?


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Good. Thank you all. Guys you are great. I opened two treads in two days and now I have all the information that I need. I have ordered these:





They will be in my hands in 7-10 days :-) So happy now^^


Thank you again all of you


Sounds great, although I'm not sure about the hat! LOL


I like the J200 strings even better than the Masterbuilts. However, the only thing to keep in mind if you don't already know this, is that they come with silk windings on the ball ends of the strings. That's a good thing because it protects your bridge to some extent. But I've found that sometimes it's a little hard to get the bridge pins to fit correctly in some guitars because the silk windings increase the diameter of your string. You may have to sand your pins just a bit to get them to fit. But don't do it until the strings arrive and you know for sure. They may work just fine.

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I've only heard of one guitar manufacturer that tells it's customers not to use anything but the light 12's - that's Huss and Dalton. some guitars just come alive with 13s.



Some manifacturers prefer to use on their guitar .013.........

Taylor on all Dread for example..........


.013 because that gauge is more appropriate for dread top

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