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hahahahaha! yes,, lets "Buy it now".


the mojo has to be worth it right??


if you have a $150k rig that is incomplete then this is what you need


this is the kind of stuff that makes me spew a mouth full of coffee all over the keyboard!


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Still there and it's in North Carolina..nucking futs.


Anyone want to send me out for a look-see? But first, tell me what to look for and see. (Now I think about it, though, it is a little far away, so as long as you're throwing $$, just send a round-trip first-class plane ticket.)


I mean, I could see a pair of "effects send-return cables" going for $4500 because, well--there are TWO of them.[scared]






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He also has "George Harrison's Capo" for a mere $15,000. [lol] Barnum was right.



I've got one of John Lennon's nose hairs I found inside the jacket of my "Meet the Beatles" album back in 1964. I've hung onto it carefully for the last 50+ years, since the provenance is iron-clad.


Maybe he'll trade even for the Harrison capo.

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