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Epiphone Thunderbird Classic mod help


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So I'm looking into doing some mods to my epi classic thunderbird just need some help w/ a few things since I'm pretty illiterate w/ electronics and mods and what not. I do really like the sound of the bass as is and still want to be able to go back to that tone whenever I want but think I could get more out of the bass itself. What I'm wanting to do is put a push pull pot for series and parallel switching but also want to add a push pull for a capacitor a .0047uf like whats in a rickenbacker to add that trebly punch to the bridge pickup and possibly to the neck pickup as well. I want to make the neck pickup a bit brighter and punchier, Im always drawn to the tone of the neck pickup just want it to be a bit tighter and brighter. Also I want to do something about the tone knob, I used to own a 94 Gibson Thunderbird which I regret getting rid of but it unfortunately lacked in Volume and the neck was warped as crap but it still had a great feel and tone, but what I loved about it was the way the tone knob worked, it took out some high end when backed off but gave a very tight, kinda mid rangy sound to the bass, almost like having really tight dead strings. I want the tone knob on my epi to do that rather than just muffling and muddying up the bass sound. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I could do for these mods and if its something i could actually do???



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