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Seeking Help Please with Identification and Value and where to sell


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Thank you in advance. My father passed away and after all the clearing were 2 guitars. One we have identified but the other is confusing. The pictures are attached as well as the serial numbers

It appears to be a Gibson L6S but the serial numbers are confusing. Its in it original case and has been untouched since around 1981. Was played last week (Not by me! Not musically incline). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It wont let me load any more pictures. Serial number on back of neck is 115208 stamped and says Made in USA.









post-75031-018433900 1448592442_thumb.jpg

post-75031-097548400 1448592447_thumb.jpg

post-75031-099997700 1448592459_thumb.jpg

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It's an L6S made in Kalamazoo in 1974 or 75. 3 of the tuners have been changed and extra holes were drilled. This will affect the value to some degree. It also has an extra toggle switch added which will also affect the value. Other than that it looks original with the correct case.


I won't suggest a price. I've seen insane people ask $1500 for them and the other day one was unsold on ebay with an opening bid of $499.

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ksdaddy is correct on all points.

That is an L6-S in the most popular finish of the time, natural maple.


According to the Blue Book, it is considered worth, depending upon condition and originality of all the parts:


Mint condition: $1,100

Excellent + condition: $875

Excellent condition: $725

Very good +: $550

Very good: $450

Good: $350


I really dig that guitar, no matter if it's not bone-stock or not.


In the condition displayed, I believe you could fairly ask $700 or $750 for it.

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