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My jazz teacher made me play Jaco lines on my left hand and improvise with my right on the piano. So I really got a taste of his insane playing. He was like no other.


Your left hand must have been busier than your right.


jdgm, unfortunately, the only time I saw Weather Report was pre-Jaco in 1974.

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jdgm, unfortunately, the only time I saw Weather Report was pre-Jaco in 1974.


Well....please indulge me for a few moments...


The "I Sing The Body Electric" record completely blew my mind and I was fortunate enough to first see WR with Vitous, Gravatt and Dom Um Romao in London - I think it was early '73.


In about 1975 I had a ticket to see them with Alphonso Johnson at Victoria Theatre London and I somehow missed it. I was pissed off about that for years.

Then Jaco got in the band and they started to tour annually, usually coming to Hammersmith Odeon and always putting on a good (but increasingly self-indulgent) show.

I loved it, saw every gig I could and one year that was 3 nights in a row.


The last time I saw Weather Report was at London's Rainbow Theatre, I think it must have been the last tour with Jaco.

By that time the set had pretty much become a number of lengthy solos bookended by new numbers first, and then the greatest hits.

There was an illuminated clock visible above one of the side exits of the theatre and as Jaco started his solo spot I checked the time.

Literally half an hour - I am not joking - later he was still soloing and receiving a slow handclap. I decided I'd had enough and left.


2 years later I was driving up Tottenham Court Road in London and saw WR (with Bailey and Hakkim) advertised at the theatre up there.

But I decided not to go.

I continued buying the albums, still listen to them to this day....but I don't have the choice of making those decisions again now. Alas, no-one does.

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The tour I caught was in the Fall of '74, several months after the release of Mysterious Traveler. Saw them in a small dinner club where I sat about ten feet from the stage. I was blown away. Never got a chance to see them with Jaco since they never toured close to home, but being a big fan, I had almost all of their albums. I was a big fan of the NY jazz/fusion scene in the late '70s to early '80s. Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, and Jaco are among my favorite musicians.


The Milkowski book didn't bore me, it made me sad. It indirectly speaks to the issue of mental illness and homelessness in this country. As a country, we need to formally address those issues instead of acting like they don't exist or forcing them into the legal system to be dealt with there.

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....This arrived today: 4 CDs, live off the board!






I'm on the 1st CD now and it's INCREDIBLE, takes me all the way back to the concerts I saw.

Very good sound and you can safely buy this one Zig..... [thumbup] [thumbup]

I'm getting a bit emotional now. They were my favourite band (along with Hendrix) - we will never hear anything like it again.


I read the book too.

I will watch the movie sometime....IMO live recordings like these show the power, innovation and sheer joy of Jaco - playing at the top of his game.

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