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help with fret buzz - sg faded


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hey, i've got a 2010 sg special faded and i keep it hanging on the wall, all the time.

it's come to a stage that i have fret buzz, mostly on the bass strings, and mostly on the E string.

strange thing is, i think the neck relief is fine, but i tried to tighten the truss rod, i dont get less fret buzz,

but then i tried to relieve the truss rod further from the original state, i got higher action, and on the high frets(say 15-22) i have the most fret buzz.

what could it be?

the strings are d'addario NYXL 09-42.

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Seriously, the best way is to adjust for just the small amount of neck relief needed, and raise the bridge to achieve the required action. Six-string guitars call for a relief of about the thickness of a piece of paper at 6th...7th fret with the strings fretted at 1st and 14th fret. You may use a capo at the 1st fret for easier handling.

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I use extra light strings myself, and I have never had a properly set-up guitar suffer from string buzz.


Truth be told, as we transition from warm weather to autumn chill, it's natural that things change in the neck geometry.



gania13, a few questions;


* when did you first notice the string buzz?


* do you play the SG often?


* do you consider yourself a fairly experienced guitar technician/set-up guy?


* how does the neck look when you stare down it from the flat aspect?

Any twist or malformation?


* is there any chance another household member accidentally dropped the guitar when you were not around?



Just curious.


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I don't want to elaborate it here, but as said above during season changes it is very much likely to happen. All my guitars are in need of adjustment now that the winter has arrived.


I have posted the complete evaluation process into the "Repair" section of the Forums. It's titled "Troubleshooting fret buzz".


Good luck... Bence

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thanks everyone for responding.

i dont play the sg too much, but i noticed more of a string buzz after i changed to the NYXL strings, did not have them before. and i always had 09-42 on it.

i think i'm fairly OK in the tech area, not a noob, i undarstand that obviously the seasons changing affect the guitar setup, thats why i said i have in hung on the wall all year long,

i just dont get what makes the high frets buzz the most...

right now the neck is in relief.


btoth76 thanks i'll check your thread!

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