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Hi from Germany! Seeking help with identifying Gibson LP Classic form the 90s

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I`m from Germany and seeking help with identifying my Gibson Les Paul Classic!


I bought this Gibson brand new in 1994. -I was 14 back then and my biggest idol was Slash...I was saving all my money and sold some stuff (and for sure got a credit from my parents back then ;-)) to afford my dream guitar back then.


As this Gibson is from the 90's Classic series, i am not really sure about the identification number.


As far as I found out, the first number (3) is the year of manufacturer, in this case it would be 1993. Is that right? At least it would make sense, as I bought the guitar in 1994 in a guitar shop in Frankfurt.

Do the other numbers have any specific meaning?



How is this specific colour of my Paula called? Just "quilted maple"?


Any idea on the value of this Les Paul nowadays?

It`s in mint condition, probably a 9/10










Thanks a lot!


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Hello and welcome to the Forums, Timo!


You will find some info regarding LP Classic serial numbers in this thread: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/3823-how-do-the-les-paul-classic-serial-numbers-work/


But, to put it simple: the first digit indicates the year, the rest are the number of the run. It's the 231Xth made in 1993.


The color is "transparent amber". Very nice, guitar! Congratulations! [thumbup]


Cheers... Bence

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Das ist eine schöne gitarre, Timo.


Ich lebte in Frankfurt in 1970 und 1971, als ich in der Mittelschule war.


Jahre später, lebte ich in Mainz, Bad Kreuznach, Illesheim und Fulda.


Ich konnte es sich nicht leisten eine Gibson , so dass ich einen Kramer Ferrington und eine Epiphone gespielt.

Glücklicherweise besitze ich jetzt eine sehr schöne Gibson-Gitarre, ein Gibson Les Paul Studio Copper Top.


Meine Schwiegereltern leben noch in Mannheim Sandhofen.


Alle die besten wünsche für Sie, mein Freund.



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