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Gibson LP custom alpine white. Peeling paint near binding on neck???

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Hello there! (from the UK)

I'm having an issue with my 06 Gibson Les Paul custom alpine white and the paint/lacquer by the binding on the neck. It appears to have peeled off by the first three frets (I'll attach an image so you can see clearly).


It's had plenty of playing and one day I just picked it up to play and I played a chord with the thumb over the top of the neck and a piece flakes off in my hand. It appears to have gone right down to the wood?? What do you guys think


I'm not sure what the issue could be there has been no major knocks or bangs near the neck area etc.


This guitar is beautiful and hopefully you'll be able to help me on the way to sorting this problem out!


Unfortunately I dont think im covered by warranty as i dont have my receipt etc :(


Thanks very much in advance!!

post-75212-095367000 1448990469_thumb.jpg

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