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You guys have turned me on to a few incredible artists of late. Chris Stapleton. Sturgill Simpson... others...


I gave this song by Chris Stapleton a try tonight. It's called More of You. It is a cowboy-esque love song, and one of the prettiest songs I have heard in a while. When he sings it I get lost and lulled away.


Anyways, here is my version. I trotted out my Martin D15M, which I haven't played in a while. It records well - just a good fundamentally simple hog tone. This is recorded on my iPhone with the Apogee MiC instead of the internal. The reverb is natural... my home office.



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That was very nice indeed. I like how you brought your own style to this one. Chris's version is pure, unadulterated country. You've got a kind of folk-rock thing going on, and you bring your distinctive style to create a very enjoyable version.


Guys, on the subject of under-appreciated classic-sounding country acts: I've recently found this guy, and I really love his mellow country sound. Give a listen if you please.







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