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Let's Hear It For The DC!


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Anybody else love these? I saw one on ebay and even though I know I'm an idiot for buying a guitar I'd never even seen in person, let alone played, it's been my dream guitar since I was a kid so I took the risk...


...and it was the best thing I ever did! I love this guitar so much. It is the most playable instrument I've ever touched. It's light as a feather, and upper fret access is a dream.


Tonally it is a little different to the usual, but having both the bridge and neck pickups active at the same time gives the fullest tone I've ever heard from a guitar.


Love it. Love everything about it.


I've attached a picture. It's from 1998. A good year for awesome guitars, apparently.


EDIT: Oh, my picture hasn't worked. Can anyone tell me why that'd have happened? I just attached it as a file...

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Hi there...


No you arnt alone.. I LOVE the double cut.. I really think its the best shape they ever made (as did PRS :))


I have one of the DC Specials... Man I love that guitar, its all the things you say.. Plays well, sounds amazing and looks great.. Mine had the best neck on it, so fast and as you say great upper fret access...


Heres mine



And well to attach pics I think they have to be under 500k if you use the attach button..


What most of us do is upload to a image hosting site (most of use use Photobucket).. Once uploaded there then use the IMG link it gives you and copy it directly into your post (don't use insert media button)..


Look forward to seeing what you have.

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Ohh yeah baby... that dark burst second one down .. Perfect [thumbup] Id sell two guitars for the chance of one of those. And that wine red flamy top.. ohhh man....






Thomann had the red one (2013 model?) earlier this year. I was tempted.


and the Burst looks uncannily like my Deuce (ok, I know its the other way about!).

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