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Help with LP custom serial number.


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I have an 88 Custom and I'm having trouble with its serial number. It ends in 8500, but from what I've read LP customs should start at 501 (meaning it was the first guitar produced that day).


Does anyone know where I can get the serial number deciphered? Or does anyone have any info on why my serial would end in 500?



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If you would share (or PM) the full serial number, that would certainly help in solving the mystery.


It's not a social security number; in other words, nobody can steal your identity from you if you reveal it.




I wasn't trying to be secretive about it lol, just wondering if customs were supposed to start at 501 or not. The number is 80218500. Thanks.

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Custom Shop Gibsons are tricky when it comes to serial numbers, I have discovered.


And trust me, I have dug around a LOT on this topic.



What's the core concern?

Validating the value of the guitar?

Making sure it's real and not counterfeit?

Just wanting to know more about your wonderful instrument, and getting to know it better?


In the end, if you know it to be a genuine Gibson, and it plays well, sounds great, and stays in tune, is there anything wrong with a little mystery?



My wife was married a few times before she and I hooked up and fell in love.

I really don't want to know all about her previous paramours.


I just know that she and I fit together really well.



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... just wondering if customs were supposed to start at 501 or not. The number is 80218500. ...


This is not entirely correct. The rank number situation grew out of Gibson splitting production between Kalamazoo and Nashville. Prior to 1984, the rank numbers 001-499 indicated Kalamazoo production, and the rank numbers 500-999 indicated Nashville production. Ranking numbers 500-999 continued to indicate Nashville production through 1989. So your 1988 serial indicates the guitar came from the Nashville factory.


During 1989 and the following years that Nashville and Bozeman (Gibson Acoustic) used the same serial formula: Bozeman guitars were ranked from 001-299, and Nashville guitars were ranked from 300-999.


Gibson USA (Nashville guitars) went to 9 digit serials in July 2005 to accommodate their increased production - YDDDYBRRR. Memphis and Bozeman are still using 8 digits - YDDDYRRR.


The serial numbers from the Custom Shop, Art, and Historic division vary depending on the model/line. And there are exceptions for certain years like 1994 (94RRRRRR) and 2014 (14RRRRRRR).




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