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1959 Back Plates


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I believe it. If you spend several hundred thousand dollars on a 1959 Les Paul and had a broken or missing back plate, dropping another grand or two on a piece of plastic to keep it as original as possible probably isn't that big of a deal to someone with a wallet that size.

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Can he prove they are from a 1959? Thats the part I find hard to prove... But as Rich said, after spending 1/4 mill on a guitar, 1500 is just change. I am sure there are people that cant believe a gibson owner would pay 25 for an original pickguard, or 18 for a back cover set (switch and control cavity), when there are replacement parts made in china for 2 bucks.


If you look at the numbers the stuff the guy is selling is really cheap.


2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard: 2499 (MFers price).

2008 Gibson backplate for control cavity: 12,99 (at MFers).

2008 Gibson switch cavity cover: 5,99


1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard: lets say 250000

1959 Gibson backplate for control and switch cavity: 1795 (-15%)= 1525,75 bucks...



18,98/2400= about 0,71%



1525,75/250000= about 0,6% ... its a no brainer!

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