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Sad Christmas


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All set, folks, to attend a Christmas Party last night with a doll who ended up standing me up. I shouldn't have taken it as hard as I did, but "we've all been there".


Since Sinatra's dead, there is only one friend to turn to in such times----my vintage 1952 Gibson ES 125, whom I affectionally call "old Grandpa". Heartbreak, triumph, or anything in between, he's already been there, lived it and done it. He's got a few nicks and dings in the body that might date to bar fights from the Sputnik era.


We cranked out a few tunes including the best "Blue Christmas" I have ever done (now I see what that song is all about), Sinatra's "A Man Alone", but Gramps really shone (as he would, being classic hollow body) on the Frogman's lament "But I Do".


My days have been so lonely

My nights have been so blue

I don't know how I stand it----but I do.

I enjoy my Les Paul Tradition, but when its time to be sad, only "Old Grandpa" can help---it must be the acoustic "warmth" that a hollow body can bring to the Amp.


But...Old Grandpa got me through a crisis------and probably not for the last time, either.


Happy Holidays, Boys!



Beaufort, SC

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