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New pickups on the way. :)

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Sold my Carvin SX-200 amp and BOSS Metal Zone. Sold them to a couple of friends. The Carvin was the best sounding solid state I've ever hear and it did sound good, but I'm just a tube guy. Had a friend who was wanting and needing a new amp, so I sold it to him. And I never played the Metal Zone any more and another friend of mine was looking for a distortion pedal, so I sold it to him. I decided to get some pickups. Got some Lace Sensor Gold's on the way. Going to put them in my gold 2004 Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster. Been wanting a set of these for a very, very long time, so I'm very excited about finally getting a set. Got a set of Lace Holy Grails in my white 2004 50th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster, so I'm anxious to see how they compare. Will keep everybody posted when they come in and when I get them installed. [biggrin]

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