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Would you buy this SJ-100?


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Really itching for an SJ-200. Played one a decade ago quite a few times and fell in love with the tone, but couldn't afford one. I can now and was about to go test-drive a few when I stumbled upon this ad for an SJ-100.




A few threads I read said the SJ-100 is a 200 without the bling. Sound-wise, very few if any differences. True?


The shape of the pickguard according to the pictures seems to show a different one from the shape it should be, no? I'm wondering if anybody can spot whether this is a fake.


Lastly, how big of a compromise sound-wise is a 100 from a 200?


Thanks for all ideas, suggestions, and recommendations! :D

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I think that is very pricey, would not pay more than $1300 for it. If you want a J-200 on a budget get a J-150. Its got all except the binding.


Take a listen to mine. In this session in a poll here on the forum it was voted best sounding, beating guitars that were were twice as much, I paid $1400 for mine.



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No. Go to the trading post and there is a J100xtra that member mother of Pearl has listed for a lot less.. Basically the same guitar. Size, tone. May even sound better. I have a J 150 and a J 200 and I would take the J 150 over the 200 every day of the week and twice on sunday.

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The Guitar in question is an SJ-100 from between 2006-9 with Bubinga B&S`s. These don`t sound like your classic maple backed SJ/J-200. But has a tone that is a cross between Mahogany and Rosewood, usually with excellent balance with zingy highs, and strong but non muddy lows. This model has carried many different back& side woods over the years since it`s introduction in 1939.


Mahogany 39-41 Then upon reissue from 72-75

European Sycamore 85-92.

Mahogany again 93-99.(J-100Xtra)

Rosewood 95.

American hard Maple 99-2006.

Bubinga 2006-9.

Mahogany 2013-14 on the SJ-100 1941 reissue, and the SJ-100 special edition.

Walnut 2015-


I own a 94 J-100Xtra hog, which I love, and has seen off competition from two J-200s!


Your concerns about the pickguard being wrong may have something to do with the fact that these guitars came with the classic but plain J-200 type guard in the case for the owner to install, if wanted.


As others have mentioned it is always best to try the guitar first, as they do vary from one to the other.


Hope this helps




P.S. I have also answered your post on the AGF.

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... twice on sunday.


Dusted off that little chestnut, eh?


Lars, the kijiji J-100 seems legit enough. But that asking price might be in CAD $, 1,458.60 USD. MoPearl's J-100 that Mr Lake pointed you to on our Trading Post, while also being in Canada, is most likely in USD, no?


Mother of Pearl's not only has the much-loved green tulip tuners, but the batwing tort guard looks good on the natural top, and Bubinga is more fun to say than mahogany. Might sound more zingy, too.


Somewhere between the $1300 EuroAussie suggested (good luck trying to find a J-150!), and the "ask" of 1450 would be fine to try out one of these long-scale super jumbos.


Edit: Great work, Frenchie! 'Had no idea there are some 1995 J-100 Rosewoods out there. And; is it no coincidence we both hear the "zingy".

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The one pictured.. No more than a thousand.. Canada's overinflated prices and the dollar exchange does not help either... The J100 models are on special at L&M in Canada.. they just don't sell.. I have a Newer Rosewood Model.. in the maple burst.. Its okay.. If I didn't get a deal on it.. I would not of bought it..

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I don't know a lot about which of the Gibson super jumbos is loudest, sweetest, etc. We all hear things with our own ears There are different tone woods used in the various models of the Gibson super jumbos. The primary difference in cost revolves around the bling. On this particular guitar, the lack of information makes me tend to stay away from it. I may have missed it, but what is the year of this guitar? There's a reference to a site showing a 2016 J1200, but nothing about this advertised guitar. Could be a super guitar, but I'd proceed with lots of caution. As others have pointed-out, most of these guitars sell "used" for less.

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To answer the OP's question: if i really wanted it, and had made some substantial contact with the seller concerning all pertinent details, and felt comfortable as a result of said contact, i would buy it regardless of mine or anyone else's opinion on any forum...good luck!

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