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help me buy my new sg


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i wanna buy an sg and i'm torn between a 2011 standard limited or a 2013 standard. Do you have experiences with both guitars? i know the the 2013 has rosewood and 61 specs where as the 2011 has baked maple, larger pick guard that i really like and 490 pick ups instead of 57 classic. I prefer the look of the 2011 basically for the large pick guard but i have heard great things about the 2013. Unfortunely i cannot try the guitars before i buy. So what do you think? Would it be difficult to replace the pick guard on the 2013 with the older one? thanks

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Go for the 2011 model.


You'll love it, and you won't have to monkey around with changing the pick-guard (and run the risk of both damaging the guitar and lowering the resale value some day).


A guy I know at work owns a 2011 SG, and it's a fine playing guitar.

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For ME, it would be no contest. I'd get the 2013 for the better beveling, horn tapering, smaller pickguard, and the '57's!


But, that's just me! IF you have the opportunity, to try out both, that's what might really be the deciding

factor, for you?


Cheers, and good luck!




This x100!


I have a '13 Standard and love it for everything CB mentioned, especially the '57 Classics. They're my absolute favorite humbucker,

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