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Help me date a early 70's LP Deluxe

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... 1 pot says 70-028 and the other 3 says 1377412...


Most pots have two numbers, a part number, and a mfg date code. The "70" number is a part number, the "137" number is the mfg date code. Most pots have both numbers, the ground wire solder joints probably have them covered over.


Anyway,..... your pots were made by the CTS Corp (137), in 1974 (74), during the twelfth week (12) of that year. It's a safe assumption that pots made during March of 1974 were used that same year, and probably during the first half of that year. The serial number also dates your guitar to '74/75 era.


With the early '74 pot code, it is safe to say you have a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

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